Instructions for bleaching

Instructions for bleaching

Bleaching is a process that lightens hair color, it's not really a hair removal technique but is a common alternative - you do not use liquid bleach you wash clothes with, there are over the coutner products specially designed for the skin

test the area you plan to bleach before going forward with a full application - an area about 1/4 inch is enough to test - wait about 10 minutes, then rinse the area with cool water - wait 24 hours to be sure no reaction occurs

make sure not to apply bleaching formulas after a hot bath or in a steamy room - open pores are susceptible to irritation

don't use bleaching products on skin with cuts or abrasions, and don't use it on sensitive areas

start with clean skin - wash the area with soap and cold water - pat dry

prepare the bleaching formula according to the manufacturers instructions - some require different mixing techniques

apply the mixture to your skin with a flat utensil like a spatula - cover the hair completely

leave the bleach on for about 10 minutes, then remove it with the spatula

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