Using Nair and Others

Using Nair and Others

Products like Nair and Neet and Sally Hansen Hair Remover basically dissolve the hair

these products go on like lotions - some you smooth-on in a thin coat using a flat applicator, some are spread using your hand

You really, really need to test these kinds of products on a small area to ensure you don't irritate your skin. I am not kidding. If you don't test it and you end up with a chemical burn you will be a fool. These poducts give people a chemical burn all the time. Do you see an 800 number on the bottle of nair? There isn't one because it would ring constantly from all of the people who just developed a rash from this stuff. Test it first. You have been warned.

After testing proves that this product is harmless to your iron-like skin, spread a thin, even coat across the area you want hair free

Wait five minutes and then scrape or wipe off a small area to see if the hair is being removed. If all of the hair has been dissolved, rinse off the remaining lotion.

If the hair did not come up wait a few minutes more - check the product you are using for a maximum amount of leave on time usually around 10 or 15 minutes. Don't leave it on too long or you will be hurting. It is better to rinse it off too early and have to apply twice than to risk a bad reaction.

When you are done, rinse off with warm water - do not use soap, or rub the area - pat dry. Be sure to give yourself a good rinse. I am sure you will anyway because these types of products smell fairly bad.

One thing to note: There are products out there for sensitive skin, as well as products that exfoliate and moisturize the skin while removing hair. They all seem about the same to me. They are all equally caustic. remains free to you because of these sponsors: - The World's Most Private Store's Page Of Pubic Hair Removal Products - Great if you are planning a bachelorette party. - Gorgeous! This site uses tact and professionalism to sell vibrators and sex toys.

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