Instructions for waxing

Instructions for waxing

This website will give you the straight business about waxing. Other people and places have only great things to say about waxing. These people are glossing over the ugly reality. Waxing is essentially a method of removing hair by pulling it out. The wax is a sticky substance that will stick to your hair but not to your skin. Sometimes it is real wax, other times it is just sugary goop. Either way, it always hurts to use. No matter what the package says about being "Painless" it always hurts. Do I need to remind you that it rips your hair out? The great part about waxing is that you only have to endure it every few weeks because it is really effective.

For the wax to work it needs to grip the hair that it will pull out, so it won't work if the hair isn't long enough. Ideally your hair needs to be 1/4 to 1/2 inch long for the process to have something to grab onto. This can be fairly long. If you hair is that long and you are ready for the pain, here are some tips to help you.

  1. Wash your skin thoroughly before starting - no oils, conditioners or perspiration should be present. They prevent the wax from sticking to the hair and will make it so that you have to wax over and over.
  2. Items you will need.
    1. You will need the wax. If possible, by something that is firm at room temperature. Those cold waxes just don't work very well.
    2. Some way to melt the wax. Some kits use the microwave, some waxes, like Zip Wax you melt using a double boiler, some use an electric warmer. Some try to work without heat.
    3. Fabric strips (muslin) most waxes use a fabric strip that grips the wax. Most kits come with the strip inside, but professional products are sold individually.
    4. Pain relief lotion and/or lotion to remove the wax.
  3. Prepare the wax: There are products that can be melted in a container over the stove or in your microwave, as well as products that simply need to be warmed up by running them under warm water. Generally, the waxes which are the hardest at room temperature work the best. Professionals use an electric wax warmer that can melt the hardest waxes without burning your skin.
  4. With your wax prepared for use, spread it in a strip across the area you'd like to wax, apply wax in one strip increments at a time before proceeding to the next area
  5. next lay the cloth strip across the waxing area, leave at least a 1/2 part of cloth free so you can grab it firmly
  6. before removing the cloth strip smooth it flat across the area pushing down to get as much wax in contact with the strip. Wait a few seconds for it to grip the strip. Next, use one hand to hold the skin taut so that when you pull off the strip, the skin moves as little as possible.
  7. with the free hand quickly pull the strip away from the hand holding the skin taut - be sure to pull along the skin not straight up (pulling the wrong way can bruise). Pulling fast is the ONLY way to go. Rip it fast and the pain won't last. Otherwise, you are in for a long painful experience.
  8. using a wet cloth, wipe the excess wax from your skin. Baby oil can help remove some of the wax residue.that doesn't rinse right off.


If something doesn't seem to be going right? make sure of the following:

  1. Is the hair long enough, dry and clean? too short, wet or dirty hair doesn't leave much for the wax to grip and you will get 90% of the pain with only 50% of hair removal.
  2. Maybe you pulled the strip off too soon? let the wax harden on the hair, don't remove it too quickly
  3. It hurts like a summabitch and you are thinking of suing the manufacturer of the product that claimed it was painless? That sounds about right. You are probably doing everything right.
  4. The wax is grainy? you need to melt the wax more thoroughly
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