Removing Ear & Nose Hairs

Removing Ear & Nose Hairs

Probably the single best method to take care of your nose hairs is to invest (less than $15) in an electric nose hair trimmer. did a comparison test of them and they picked one that was the best. It is only 14 bucks. They are simple and safe to use in tight areas.

You can also trim your nose and ear hair with a pair of scissors - but be careful.

Tweezing your ear hair is a good alternative but don't tweeze your nose hair. There is a high occurence of infection associated with plucking nose hairs. There is a lot of bacteria in your nasal passage. Opening your pores to them is not a great idea, so stay away from nose hair plucking.

You can pluck your ear and eyebrow hairs all you want though. Plucking is a good idea in these areas because some portion of pluck hairs receive damage to the follicle that prevents that hair from growing back. Plucking hair actually decreases the likelihood that they will come back. remains free to you because of these sponsors: - The World's Most Private Store's Page Of Pubic Hair Removal Products - Great if you are planning a bachelorette party. - Gorgeous! This site uses tact and professionalism to sell vibrators and sex toys.

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