Shaving Your Pubic Area

Shaving Your Pubic Area

First, Pick Your Style:

Pubic Hair Styles vary greatly and just like a regular hair style they can be easy or difficult to care for. Before you choose which way to want to look, we'll cover the pros and cons of different styles. Choosing the right style for you can be a great first step.

  • A Close Trim: If you wan to look a little neater but don't want to risk the irritation of shaving, trimming close may be the best method for you. Men especially can clean up their appearance quickly and easily with a close trim. Besides causing less irritation, you will probably only need to re-trim every week or so.
  • Brazilian Style Bare (taking it all off): Going completely bare can be a liberating and exciting sensation. Feeling your lover's touch down below can be exciting and interesting. Being bare has its advantages in other areas as well. You can wear whatever bathing suit you want and low-riders are no trouble at all. Going bare can require some regular maintenance if your are shaving. You'll want to shave often enough to prevent stubble burn. If you have the guts and can stand the pain, waxing will leave you hair-free for 4 weeks or so.
  • Triangle, Patch, or Landing Strip: If you are looking for a fun way to express yourself you might want to choose a pubic hairstyle that matches your personality. Having cool pubes is like carrying around a great piece of gossip that everyone wants to hear but you will only share with your closest friend. See our section on Shaping Your Pubic Hair for more and style ideas. A pubic hair style requires a bunch of maintenance. Only the simplest ones can be waxed (like a triangle or landing strip) and you'll need to be good with a razor and trimmer to keep it looking neat. Is it worth it? Probably.
  • Au Natural: Some people are into a giant bush. I guess it is a fetish for some. I suppose that everyone needs some maintenance once in a while, so even if you are going natural style, we can help you choose how to trim the hedges a little bit.

Here is some further advice for all of the above mentioned methods.

Close Trim: It sounds like you want to trim your pubic hair back a bit. We can help you with some advice. First, think of what you are doing as if you were working as a hair stylist. You will need some tools and you will need the hair to be clean and tangle-free. Either electric clippers or scissors and a comb are what you'll need for equipment.

Shower using some shampoo and conditioner down below to leave the hair fluffy and clean. If you have a beard and mustache trimmer you are going to save yourself a whole lot of time and energy. If not, you'll need a comb, scissors and some flexibility. Using a beard and mustache trimmer or a hair cut kit to trim you pubes is easy, set the guide to a longer length and trim away. Look in the mirror to see if you like the way it looks. Don't start with the length set too short, you might not like the results and you'll have to wait quite a while for it to grow back. If you are using scissors and a comb, comb out the hair and then trim with the scissors like a hair stylist or barber does. Remember that curly hair will snap back to be much closer to the skin so don't trim too close. You'll need some flexibility to get way down low. With a beard trimmer you can blindly cut hairs without fear of cutting yourself or cutting the hair too short.

When you are finished, check the results in the mirror. Unlike a haircut on your head, a pubic trim doesn't require the specialized skills of a beautician. We hope you love the results

Brazilian: If you are not into your own pubic hair here is what to do to get rid of it all. You have two choices. You can shave with a blade or an electric or you can wax. First, we'll cover shaving.

  1. Shaving using a blade:
    1. Trim the hair down as short as possible if this is your first time. Razors don't cut longer hair easily. If you try to shave longer hair you will clog your razor and end up irritated. (Don't ask how me came to learn this).
    2. Take a shower or bath. This helps soften the hairs and makes them easier to shave.
    3. Applying shaving lotion and working it into the hairs also helps soften them and makes them easier to shave. There is a shaving lotion called Coochy Shave that is designed just for this purpose. (Coochy Shave web site, you can buy it at here).
    4. Using a sharp razor (dull razors irritate your skin) shave your hairs "with the grain". This means you should pass the razor over the skin in the same direction that the hairs normally point. Stroke every area no more than twice and rinse the blade very often to keep it from clogging up.
    5. If you are not happy with the closeness of the shave we suggest two things.
      • Use a better, sharper razor.
      • If (and only if) you do not suffer from shaving irritation or ingrown hairs you can try to shave a second time against the grain. Don't do it if you don't need to. Ingrown pubic hairs can be painful, ugly, and difficult to deal with.
    6. Rinse well and apply lotion to the area.

  2. Shaving using an electric:

    1. Recently, an electric razor for your pubic hair has come along. It is called the Seiko Cleancut. It is made in Japan where people have a more open opinion about products like this. In fact, the Seiko Cleancut is sold in normal stores alongside the curling irons and blow driers.
    2. The Seiko Cleancut is a dry shaver, so your hair needs to be dry. It also needs to be short because the Cleancut can't trim longer hair.
    3. What the Cleancut does do is it can trim your pubic hair about as well as a blade. It works easily and without irritation. One of the stores that sells it mentions that using a talc-free powder with the razor helps dry the hair and makes it easier to shave. I did try the razor and have been using it since. I have not tried the powder. I just dry off well before using it.
    4. You'll need to clean out your Cleancut every 3 uses or so.

  3. Bikini Waxing (at the Salon):

    1. If you don't want to spring for the full professional wax job, we can't blame you. It is fairly expensive and I don't really enjoy flashing my goods to anyone that isn't a lover. I don't even like going to the OB/GYN. I have done it though and it was an experience that I probably should share. When I made my appointment they told me that I should be "freshly showered" and my hair should be at least a quarter inch long. I wondered how many people went to get a bikini wax without being "freshly showered". I doubt many do, but there are always some people out there that need to be reminded.
    2. I arrived at the salon. I wasn't surprised that they didn't have a chart with different styles to choose from. I wanted it all gone so I let the waxing lady know that it all had to go. She left the room while I disrobed. I left on my top, but I was left wishing it was a little longer. I would have like a little protection in case someone happened to walk into the room. My advice is to wear a longer top just in case.
    3. As I laid on the table, the woman stood over me applying wax to my crotch with a popsicle stick. The wax wasn't hot like in a bondage movie, it was just warm. I was nervous because I knew that soon she would be bringing the paid.
    4. Sure as shit, when she pulled on the strip of fabric I let out a yelp. It hurt. It hurt a lot. Not like childbirth, but as much as stubbing your toe.
    5. The worst part was next. Before I could do much else, she was already spreading more wax. I doubt I could have quit at that point because I would have had a lopsided bush. I doubt that a combover would have looked good downstairs. I knew it was coming again, so I braced myself. The second rip wasn't too bad. I noticed that she got almost every hair in one pull. No wonder why it hurt. The wax she was using was much better than the nair stuff which only get half the hairs. I said something and the woman showed me the strip with all of the yanked pubes on it. Yuck. It looked like a big eyebrow or something.
    6. A few more yanks and yelps and I thought I was about done. Nope. I had suffered the pain, but the humiliation hadn't yet begun.
    7. I can't remember exactly how she said it, all I remember was thinking that this whole experience was like bad sex. I was sitting there naked below the navel, in pain, and now I was being asked to change position.
    8. The bad sex analogy continues. Now I am on all fours and suddenly I am being given a warm wax reminder that there are hairs around my backside. I must admit that I can't really see back there but I figured that there were a couple. It isn't that I wanted those hairs to stay, but after the pain that occurred the instant they were removed I might have reconsidered the process.
    9. Lotion was applied that made me feel a little better, but I left the salon a little bit dazed and smarting. It took about 24 hours to feel back to normal and for some of the redness to disappear.
    10. Although it was a painful process, by wax job lasted for about 4 weeks. It was great. My bathroom process was much simpler and the hairs seemed to come back a little finer afterward. I self-waxed for a couple of times afterward and had OK results. I went back on the 3rd or 4th time. Eventually, I switched to an electric razor, but my waxing experiences became a little easier to take after the shock of that first experience.
    11. Other Notes: Self waxing works OK, but the waxes are never as good. They really aren't wax, they are just sticky goo that is supposed to grip the hairs. Unfortunately, they don't work well and always miss most of the hairs so that you have wax again right away. Waxing the second time sucks because your skin is all puffy, sore and swollen by then. I guess you can buy the same wax they use at the salons but you have to buy a wax warmer and some other stuff, or just warm it in a glass mug!

Pubic Hair Styles:

For advice on Shaping your Pubic Hair into triangles, strips, etc. see our page about shaping your pubic hair.

Au Natural.

Going Au Natural is easy. If you are under 20 years old, you probably don't even have to perform any maintenance at all. As you age a little bit, those hairs keep growing and pretty soon they won't fit underneath your bikini. If you need to help keeping George Bush inside the white house you should try to take a beard trimmer or hair cut kit set to its longest setting and give everything a buzz. This should keep everything in order without too much fuss.


A few helpful thoughts:

Depilatories are a big No-No in this area. The harsh chemicals in them will give you a sore rash that you will never, ever forget. Nair and products like Veet are strong enough to dissolve hair in less than 10 minutes. They can also do a number on your most sensitive skin. Even the products that say "bikini area" are really just for your bikini line.

This area seems to have heightened sensitivity. Products that are meant for the face aren't always good for the bikini area, especially if you are going in close to the labia.

Using a moisturizer afterwards will help the hairs grow out properly without becoming ingrown. There's also an after-shave spray made especially for these areas called Coochy After Shave Protection Mist. Coochy After Shave Spray provides relief from pain, itching and bumps.

Men, should seriously consider closely trimming your hair instead of shaving or leaving things Au Natural. "Mowing the Lawn" can make your penis appear much larger and a close trim provides many of the benefits of shaving without all the risks! Electric razors work great in this area (especially for the balls) and many have attachments for trimming hair as opposed to shaving it off. Male hair is usually more coarse and I am told that having coarse stubble around your scrotum is quite painful.

Letting hair grow out after shaving your pubic area is a pain. The sharp hairs combined with the sensitive skin will make you realize just how much movement happens in that area on an average day. Chaffing is nearly unavoidable. Using plenty of hair softening lotion during this time is very important. remains free to you because of these sponsors: - The World's Most Private Store's Page Of Pubic Hair Removal Products - Great if you are planning a bachelorette party. - Gorgeous! This site uses tact and professionalism to sell vibrators and sex toys.

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