Hard to Reach Tight Spots

Hard to Reach Tight Spots

How to Reach Those Hard to Shave Spots:

Definitely read the general tips for shaving your pubic area. We have compiled everything we know into that one category . If we do discover something new or interesting, we will surely post it there first. This page is about how to get in position to reach those hard to shave areas.

On that prior page we mention that it is certainly easier to reach your own nether regions when using an electric razor. Electric razors won't cut you, so you can shave blindly. If you do use a razor, you might want to use a safety razor so that you don't cut yourself by mistake. So, our advice would be to buy or borrow an electric razor with a trimmer, you can clean it up between uses by using the small brush that came with it to knock off the hairs.

A safety razor is on the market from Schick. It's called the Protector. It offers the standard ammenities of most razors, but adds some trick little safety wires to the blades. The safety wires hold the blades evenly apart, and limit the amount of skin that could become caught between the blades (leading to nicks, and a painful recovery).

Electric razors of late offer extremely close shaves, so don't be so quick to discount the finished effect. We like the Seiko Cleancut. It is made in Japan were people are a little more open about shaving their pubic hair.

Accessing The Hair - Shaving Positions:

There's probably a few different positions worth trying. Hopefully, you won't need to attend yoga classes for months before you can reach every hair you want to remove. The goal is to find the best position to use when shaving. Everyone is different, so we have listed a number of different positions you can try:

**Sitting in a chair with your feet up above your waist (gyno style) and legs spread. This can also work if you sit on the edge of the tub and put your legs onto the far side of the tub.

**Sitting with one leg propped above your waist (like on the vanity counter) and the other leg planted on the ground.

**Squatting, basically just like it sounds, bent over at the knees and waist with legs wide so that the vagina is easily seen. You could add a small hand mirror to the ground to get a better look at things. This might work well in the shower.

**Lying on your back, legs wide and in the air so that all the shaveable areas are spread taught. This works well when you are lying in the tub.

**Lying on your side with the bottom leg straightened out and the top leg bent at the knee and tucked behind the straight leg. Lying on your side in the tub, this can work well.

**Try these positions in the tub, the warm water helps soften the hairs and makes them easier to shave.

**If you've got a willing partner try any of these positions with them, or simply stand and allow them to do all the work that sometimes works very well. There are very few men that aren't interested in helping you with your pubic region. Besides, men may not know much but they do know how to shave well.

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