Waxing or Nairing Your Ass

Waxing or Nairing Your Ass
As you may have learned from the previous page, shaving your ass crack is hard. Even if you have an electric razor, it is still pretty difficult to see what is going on back there.

One solution is to have a partner do it for you. I suspect that your relationship would have to be pretty solid to survive a joint ass-shaving.

Instead, you may want to hire a professional or use a caustic chemical substance instead.

There are actually professional people that remove hair for a living. The most daring of these folks do bikini and "Brazilian" wax jobs. A Brazilian wax will remove it all. Be prepared though because this person will be everywhere on you. Not only will they be spreading hot wax around your butt hole, but they will make you spread your butt cheeks so that they can get in there.

Hold on, because when they rip that wax strip off your butt crack, you know it is going to hurt.

Another solution is a product like Nair. These chemical depillatories will eat-away your hair. Be careful though, because anything strong enough to eat your hair may be strong enough to give you a nasty chemical burn. We would suggest doing the spot near your butthole last as it is likely the most sensitive.

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